WPTools Pack with Extra

WPTools Pack with Extra
WPTools Pack with Extra | 91 Mb

WPTools is much more than a replacement for the Delphi richedit component: The central part of this VCL control is a complete RTF WYSIWYG word processing control which is surprisingly small. In contrast to similar components, WPTools supports editable header and footer in its perfect page layout modes. Zooming, split screen, tables, also with the possibility of page breaks inside table rows and a powerful CSS like paragraph style concept are supported by its modern architecture.

WPTools 5.6.7 Support for FastReport
WPTools 5.6.7 Support for QuickReport_4
WPTools 5.6.7 Support for ReportBuilder 9.10.11
WPTools 6.16 XE10.1
WPTools v6.16 Ported To 10.2 Tokyo
WPTools v7.20 XE3-XE7 x32
WPTools v7.20d premiumX for Delphi XE3-XE7
WPTools v7.12 XE-XE6 x32
WPTools v7.12 D7-XE6 x32