dataweb TurboDB Managed 3.4

dataweb TurboDB Managed 3.4
dataweb TurboDB Managed 3.4 | 6 Mb

TurboDB for .NET is an SQL database for .NET Framework and Silverlight written entirely in C#. At run-time it consists of a single assembly that is simply copied to the target system. If you cannot or want not deliver a database server with your application, for example because the users are private customers or the application shall run from a memory stick or DVD, then you need an embedded database like TurboDB for .NET.

This .NET database is linked to the application in the form of an assembly and can be deployed by mere copying (copy deployment). Despite its small footprint, TurboDB provides a large SQL feature set and is moreover amazingly fast. It supports DDL, transactions, stored procedures, strong encryption, foreign keys multi-user access and many more. Therefore, TurboDB is the most powerful embedded true .NET database on the market. Check out our .NET database comparison, where TurboDB is compared against the corresponding Microsoft products.

:: Supported Development Environments
All development environments for .NET Framework 2.0, Silverlight 4.0, Windows Phone 7.0 and .NET Compact Framework 2.0 are supported, especially Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005.

The designers are based on the Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 interfaces and work only with compatible IDEs. TurboDB contains the database libraries for .NET Framwork as well as Silverlight, Windows Phone and .NET Compact Framework.

:: Features

Complete database library in one single 1 MB assembly. The database is invisible for the end-user of your application.
Large SQL feature set, transactions, foreign keys, full-text indexing and many more.
Native ADO.NET provider for .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework - no ADO, OLE DB or ODBC.
Entity Framework and DDEX integration enable you to work with all database wizards and tools within Visual Studio.
Because it contains only managed code, TurboDB is transparent to the .NET security system and therefore requires no extra permissions.
Allows multiple programs to use the same database concurrently.

:: Application Field

Everywhere, where a pure .NET environment exists or shall be created
Mobile or embedded solutions running on .NET Compact Framework
Applications that are distributed and installed over the Internet.
Applications with particularly low need of installation, configuration and maintenance
Desktop solutions for home users, which cannot require a database server to be installed
Catalogs and directories that are delivered on CD or DVD and must not require installation on hard disk
Embedded automation solutions needing a powerful storage mechanism.

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