Xsd2Code++ Unlimited

Xsd2Code++ Unlimited
Xsd2Code++ Unlimited

Xsd2code++ allows to match an XML document to a set of C# or Vb classes and vice versa operations through serialization / deserialization. integrated directly into Microsoft Visual Studio, xsd2code++ is a true productivity tool. It allows developers to manipulate an XML document without having to know XML or how an XML document is processed. The manipulation of the XML document is done using objects previously generated from an XML schema.

What xsd2Code++ can do ?

Reduces development time.
Generates business objects from XSD Schema or XML file in flexible C# or Visual Basic code.
Royalty free distribution of compiled code and runtime.
Support Framework 2.0 to 4.5, Silverlight and WinRT.
Support Xamarin Framework Forms, iOs, Android.
Support strong typed collection (List, ObservableCollection, MyCustomCollection).
Support automatic properties.
Generate XML read and write methods .
Databinding support (WPF, Silverlight, WinRT).
WCF (DataMember attribute).
XML Encoding support (UTF-8/32, ASCII, Unicode and custom encoding).
Camel case / Pascal Case support.
Restriction support.
Support large and complex XSD file.

And also,

Customizable code with around of 40 parameters that are persisted to be reused.
Generate documentation from elements.
Use Lazy Loading pattern in property getter.
Generate flexible code with partial and/or base class.

Saves you time,

xsd2code++ is fully integrated with Visual Studio as add-in.
Three clicks only to generate classes corresponding to your XSD or XML structure.
The generated code includes save and load methods for XML or JSON serialization.
Automatic code generation when XSD file is updated (CustomTool)

Update 4.4 (June 05, 2017)

Full Release notes

New features

Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise & Professional support
Visual Studio theme support (Blue, Dark)
Allow to generate XML Serialization Event (UnknownNode, UnknownElement, UnknownAttribute)
MsgPack 0.8 support
NewLineOnAttributes option. When true, each attribute is pre-pended with a new line and one extra level of indentation
OmitXmlDeclaration allow to remove xml declaration on xml header file
Improve CleanupCode
xsd2code gui not appear if xml header removed (in *.designer.cs file)
Add Region to private fields
Let define the indent character when EnableXMLIndent is enabled

Fixes and Improvements

Fix : Critical error - No C# Code Generated
Fix : Add restrictions on Enumerable properties
Fix : Issue with field named System
Fix : In case of ValidatePropertyInSetter= true, Validation of an object of type enum is failing
Fix : #endregion not generated properly when option AutomaticProperties is on
Fix : SaveToFile with bad encoding parameter
Fix : Support Array of Array in case of unbounded element of unbounded element
Fix : Error: #endregion without #region tags with AutomaticProperty + Serialization enabled
Fix : Error 403 with https import schema

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