Dart PowerSNMP for .NET

Dart PowerSNMP for .NET
Dart PowerSNMP for .NET | 12 Mb

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) components seamlessly integrate threaded communications, security, and encoding/decoding so you can quickly develop custom SNMP applications. This development tool requires fewer resources, provides more flexibility, and elicits code that is easy to re-use and maintain. See our Programming Primer for detailed instructions on using PowerSNMP for .NET.

Single lightweight dll streamlines your app and simplifies deployment
PowerSNMP for .NET CF available
C#, VB, C++ code samples, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Manage network devices and remote information

Manager component receives and decodes Trap and Inform messages
Enhanced with .NET 4.5 asynchronous task functionality for requesting and retrieving managment information from SNMP Agents
Superior scaling in high-throughput environments
Discover agents and query their information base (variables)
Get an entire table with a single method (supports sparse tables)
Communicate with agents in parallel (on multiple threads) or serially (on a single thread)
Send Inform messages to other managers

Respond to SNMP requests and send traps

Agent component receives, decodes and responds to Get and Set requests
Create and send Trap messages
Create default responses as desired
Automatically updates agent variables and tables

Use standard and custom MIBs

Load and parse MIB files at design-time or run-time
MibNode definitions use OIDs to associate MIB file definitions with variable IIDs found in PDUs.
Intrinsic support provided for standard SNMPv2 SMI MIBs
TreeView can be populated with parsed MIBs for easy viewing

Comprehensive Security

Security class provides seamless SNMP v3 integration
MD5, SHA authentication support
DES, Triple DES, AES128, AES192, AES256 encryption support


Compatible with CISCO, MG-Soft , NET-SNMP and other SNMP software.
Compatible with FIPS 140-2 standards
Complies with SNMP RFCs for version 1 (1155, 1156, 1157, 1212, 1213, 1215, 2863, 3418), version 2 (1901, 1907, 1908, 3416, 3417), and version 3 (3410, 3411, 3412, 3413, 3414, 3415, 3416, 3417, 3418, 3584, 3826, 5343) Released: 2014-07-23

Added an awaitable GetResponseTaskAsync method to the SnmpSocket class; developers must use Dart.Snmp.45.dll to take advantage of this functionality.
Improved support for CAS level 2 applications in medium trust environments.
Standardized and improved error reporting during USM authentication.
The Manager and Agent Start(ThreadStart, Object) methods, and the default SnmpSocket constructor now bind to IPAddress.Any.
Interface Changes:
MessageBase.EncodedMessage now returns a byte array instead of a Segment in order to reduce memory usage.
The GetTable and Walk methods now take a Security object as an argument instead of a User object. Create a new Security object and set the User property to replicate the previous version's behavior.
ErrorCode.AuthenticationFailed has been removed. The Security.AuthenticationFailed property should now be used.

Product fixes in this release:

Improved parsing of MIB definitions when they are loaded out of order. (261, 307)
The Agent component no longer throw an ArgumentOutOfRangeException when a .iso variable is used with a GetNextMessage. (317)
Calling Message.ToString() will no longer throw an exception if the message has not been sent previously. (382)
An inherited MibNode will use the parent's display hint if the MibNode does not define its own. (384)
Variables that can be created and are in the Agent's MibNodes collection but not in the Agent's variable collection will now be created if a Set message is received. (412)
If an agent receives a trap the RequestReceived event will no longer be raised and the Log event will be raised instead. (420)
Thread safe collections are now used where thread collisions are of concern. (435)
Removed a call to DoEvents during Mib parsing to allow parsing in environments that do not have access to the System.Windows.Forms namespace. (436)
Counter, Gauge, TimeTicks and Uinteger will now serialize and deserialize correctly. (437)
GetBulkMessage will only return variables up to the end of the MibView when repetitions exceed the number of variables available. (512)
The Agent component's SysUpTime property is no longer part of the component's designer interface. (526)
Single line enumerated TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONS are now parsed correctly. (527)
Resolved an issue where the Manager component's Mib importer form would intermittently fail to load (530)


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