Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM
Plastic SCM | 89 Mb

Scale up to huge projects, big teams and large binaries

Work with teams with hundreds of developers on the same project.
Develop projects with huge binaries and unmergeable contents (like game development and simulation)
Handle large codebases with more than 500k files, and thousands of revisions and version control operations will still be fast
Enforce best practices with fine grained security.
Store everything on robust and standard databases.

*Big - if you’re building large scale software, involved on a project that is critical to your company, you’ve to handle huge files or need to run complex merges, then Plastic SCM can help you keeping things under control.

Because you get a real DVCS without the shortcomings.

Teams worldwide are moving to distributed version control and then they find:

Plastic is the only DVCS designed from the ground up for companies, while all the others come from an open source background.
None of the other enterprise oriented products can do real distributed version control and many are weak with branching and merging or perform poorly under heavy load.

And Plastic can handle what the open source DVCS can’t:

Teams that need to handle huge binaries (like happens with game developers.
Teams working on large projects (>300k files) and unmergeable content.
Developers that need a good GUI and visualizations.
Teams that need the ability to work centralized or even have entire groups at different multi-site locations, and they need a system that scales.
Companies that require extended security.
While they can still sync with Git.
You can think of Plastic as a superset of the open source DVCS that adds extra features (although it is not based on them).

Plastic SCM

Use task-branches to develop

Create one branch for each new feature or bug fix. Checkin often, diff your own in-progress work, share, test...
Merge even when you heavily moved files and directories.
Visualize the repository with the Branch Explorer
Diff code semantically even when methods were moved across files.

Go distributed

Enable teams from different cities collaborate on the same project faster: one server on each side, no latency issues, no proxy-based fake DVCS.
Let developers have their own repositories.
Perform all the replication operations visually and preview the push and pulls.
Seamlessly work with Git projects.
Work in central mode without a local repo anytime you need it.

Develop video games with artists and developers using the same version control for large binaries and code

Developers can take advantage of full branching and merging and distributed development.
While artists can checkin huge files, use exclusive checkout (locking) and specific image tools.
Teams can setup different servers at different sites and work centrally on each (even hundreds of developers on a single server) or go as distributed as they need.
And our engineering team is open to collaborate with your tools team to integrate your current toolset with Plastic SCM.
Seamlessly work from Unity using the native plugin.
Plastic Gluon - a new GUI and workflow designed for artists in game development

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