TMS Analytics & Physics Pack DXE5-D10.2 Tokyo

TMS Analytics & Physics Pack DXE5-D10.2 Tokyo
TMS Analytics & Physics Pack DXE5-D10.2 Tokyo

Delphi library that provides an easy way to evaluate mathematical expressions, calculate symbolic derivatives & integration, solving non linear equations, approximation function calculation and more...

TMS Analytics & Physics Pack is a Delphi library for developers that contains special classes to work with analytical expressions in Delphi programs - parse expressions, calculate expression values with multiple parameters, expression based derivatives & integration calculation and so on. In addition, it offers approximation function calculation, solving differential and non-linear equations. TMS Analytics & Physics Pack allows using various physics concepts (such as physical quantities, units of measurement, ...) in Delphi programs.

100% Delphi code
Strongly structured class hierarchy
Universal algorithms for working with formulae of any complexity and for working with physics concepts
Many predefined functions and physical entities (physical quantities, units of measurement)
Easy to introduce new functions for any argument types and new physics concepts (physical quantities, units of measurement and so on)
Easy to overload operators for any argument types
Working with Complex numbers, 3D vectors and tensors
Working with indexed data (arrays, matrixes and higher dimensioned data)
Analytical (expression based) derivative calculation
Conditional 'if' function (supporting real, complex and fractions), including derivative evaluation
Special extension: allows calculation of special functions (Bessel, Legendre) and their derivatives
Platform independent: can be used in VCL and FMX applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Fractions extension: allows using common fractions in math expressions, including making operations like 1/2+1/3 = 5/6, converting floating values to common fractions and vice versa
Approximation tool: least squares approximation of multidimensional data with arbitrary, user defined basis functions
Numerical integration: calculating definite integral values for one- and two- dimensional functions
ODE tool: solving initial value problems for the systems of ordinary differential equations
Function analysis tool: finding roots and extremums for univariate functions
Nonlinear tool: solving systems of nonlinear equations

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